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Diet recipes for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

POS is a genetic condition which some women develop in their life, but here at POS Moms, we don’t let it get us down. We believe in hope, strength and the courage to carry on. If you have kids, you will know how hard it is to sometimes put on a brave face, so we hope that many of the articles on POS Moms inspire and strengthen you.

One of the symptoms of POS include endured hair loss, skin changes, irregular cycles and weight gain. Losing weight can be difficult because many women would much rather chill out at home with a hot cocoa while they play bingo, than go out for a run in the cold and eat boring flavorless salads. But believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you are finding it difficult to manage your weight, this blog post is here to support and help you. It is thought that low carbohydrate diets and low GI diets help women with POS to lose weight effectively. Low GI foods release their energy slowly, keeping you fuller for longer and making you less likely to want to snack between meals. So if you are trying to shift a few pounds, why not try out the low GI recipe below?

Prawn stuffed avocados


2 avocados

A small packet of prawns

1 tablespoon of low fat yoghurt

Olive oil

Basil and rosemary

1 lemon

Rocket leaves


1. Begin by making the creamy prawn filling by combining the prawns with a spoon of yoghurt and a squeeze of lemon juice.

2. Sprinkle in some rosemary and basil, then season with some ground pepper and mix well.

3. Scoop out the avocado stone and fill with the prawn filling. Top with a few basil leaves and serve with a side salad and a wedge of lemon.

Finding Healthy Food Substitutes


My Thoughts

Breakfast: strawberry flavored oatmeal,w ater Still sticking to my oatmeal! I seem to like it when I am hormonal.
Lunch: ½ cup rice, adobo, water I really didn’t feel like eating lunch today. I guess I need more variety with my diet.
Midafternoon Snack: tuna sandwich,water, yogurt I still like my sandwiches though….
Dinner: pork chop, vegetables ,water Oh I managed to skip rice with this one! Thank you for small steps.

I still didn’t get my period this month and it’s affecting my diet big time. I want to eat sweet stuff or carbs every now and then. Good thing I bought yogurt the other day because I had it instead of ice cream. I need to make major food replacements in my diet so that I can get the results that I want. I wonder if there’s a good substitute for rice. LOL!

Where To Buy Fashionable Plus Sized Clothes

For the past few months, I have been talking about the many dreadful aspects of PCOS. But today, I want to be more positive in focusing only on how I’d survived as a plus sized woman in a “petite world”. Living in Asia particularly the Philippines, I have very limited options because most of the clothes are tailored for the figure of Filipinos – very petite.

Before I had problems with this disorder, I could easily fit into clothes that were either worn by a mannequin or displayed on the rack. I love being in fashion, and it’s one of the things that I truly enjoy as a woman. So when I began to have weight problems with PCOS, it was totally heartbreaking

In the early stages, my self-esteem was so low that I didn’t bother dresssing up fashionably. For as long as the clothes fit, I bought them without even taking a good look at myself. But since I have been welcoming positive things in my life, I have vowed to make the most out of life despite having PCOS.

Since it’s a challenge to look for plus sized wear in our area, I have made a list of the stores that have a plus sized line:

1.    SM Department Stores – All SM Department Stores carry a line for plus sized women. I believe the name is Ladies Circle. They have tops ranging from P 400 to P800 and bottoms priced at P 500 and up. Their style is usually casual although they also have very basic pieces for a corporate look. I think they are the most affordable as compared to the other brands that I am familiar with.

2.    Robinsons Department Stores – Just like SM, Robinsons have their own line of plus sized clothing. I like their designs but their cut is so unforgiving for my body shape and figure. I am quite tall, and I need longer length tops to conceal the areas that I want to hide. I like their designs though. Price is slightly more expensive than SM but still within the affordable range.

3.    Collezione – If you want to buy very basic casual shirts, Collezione makes extra sizes for almost all their styles. Price range is from P 400 up to P 700 depending on the design.

4.    Landmark – I like Landmark at Trinoma because it carries quite a few brands specializing in plus sized wear. They have tops and bottoms to suit your every budget. Their style is very classic, and quite formal for my taste. But if you need work wear, it’s definitely the place to go shopping. Price will depend on the designs. Tops are reasonably priced at P300 up and bottoms at P 400 up.

5.    Tubby – As the brand name implies, it’s really for the plus sized woman. Their style is mostly for the corporate look, although they occasionally have a few pieces for the casual chic. But I like their accessories though. They have belts, necklaces, etc…for the plus sized fashionista. Price for tops is at 800 up, and pants at P1000 above.

6.    Maxine – I really like this brand because of their cut. Colors are usually very basic from black, white, beige, and gray. But they do have colorful tops available from time to time. I like their designs because you can mix and match their items depending on the look that you want to have. Prices for tops range from P 799 up and for bottoms at P 999 up.

7.    Sassa – If you need to find good quality active wear, this is the brand for you. They have plus sized items for most of their designs. I love their sweat pants! Price range from 499 up – quite reasonable!

8.    Maldita X – I love Maldita X! It’s a relatively new concept by Maldita but it’s suited for the plus sized woman! I love their designs. It’s one of my fave brands for tops. I really like the quality of their blouses and the fact that they change stocks quite frequently. Tops are priced at P 1000 and up. They still don’t have individual stores, and they only display their items at selected SM Department Stores.

9.    Debenhams – I like this shop because they have extra sizes for most of their clothes. They have sizes for almost everything from jeans, shirts, blouse and even dresses. For tops, prices range from P 800 for tees, P 1500 for tops, and P 2000 up for bottoms. They are quite pricey as compared to the other brands but the quality is very good!

If you know of any other stores, please let me know. I’d be more than happy to add them on the list.

Tempted To Indulge


My Thoughts

Breakfast: chocolate flavored oatmeal, water I like chocolate when my hormones are so messed up. Good thing I get satisfied by eating this oatmeal.
Lunch: pancit, pinakbet, water Even if I skipped having rice, I still had pancit — too much carbs still!
Midafternoon Snack: Mixed fruits I am trying to replace my usual sandwiches with fruits. So far, so good.
Dinner: Steamed okra with bagoong, ground pork with carrots I can imagine bagoong attracting more water since I am on my water retaining stage. Oh I just hate it when it’s almost that time of the month.

When it’s almost the time of the month, I always have issues with my diet. I sometimes overeat, or I go overboard with sweets or something salty. Of course, these would just create more problems with my present state of healthy. Ugh! It’s hard to be so hormonal!

How I Learned To Accept My Changed Body

Many women dream to have an hourglass figure. With many magazines and ads portraying celebrities in their perfect form, it puts the standard of being fit at a very high level. Struggling with PCOS, I have always struggled with my weight. When I starved myself before, the lowest that I got on the scale was only 120 lbs. And I noticeably had a fuller waist, even if the other parts of me were thin.

I was only diagnosed with PCOS when I was in my early 20’s, and it somehow explained why my body seemed like an inflatable balloon. There were times when I was so bloated, and there were other times when I’d immediately have noticeable weight loss. Even before I got diagnosed, the weight fluctuations were huge. Right before having my period, I couldn’t fit into my usual jeans because I’d easily put on 10 lbs. And a week after my period, I’d slowly shed it off unintentionally.

But after my pregnancy, these weight fluctuations became so much worse. I now have to work hard on losing the pounds that I unconsciously gained while waiting for my period. When I easily lost the added weight before, I now have to work extra hard just to lose all the weight from being so bloated. When I see friends whom I haven’t seen for a while, they’d ask me if I was on steroids! It’s really that crazy.

Since I felt so out of control, I went into depression and I struggled with my very low self-esteem. Somehow I secretly envied pregnant women because they can flaunt their growing bellies, while I am so miserable with mine. But after feeling so sorry for myself, I decided to learn more about PCOS so that I can accept my changing physical appearance.

It took me around 2 years to accept this apple shaped figure. Since then, I no longer worry too much on whoever I end up bumping at the mall or at the grocery store because I have realized that despite my flaws, this is the body that carried my baby until almost term. And although I’d love to get back in shape, I have learned to accept that it may take longer for me to achieve my goal as compared to other women.

If you have PCOS and you are upset with how you look, never feel that you are alone. After I started to interact with other PCOS women, I have learned to admire their strength and their will to make the most out of life. These women taught me that despite our struggles, life is still beautiful even if it’s with PCOS!

Staying Hopeful


My Thoughts

Breakfast: chocolate flavored oatmeal, banana, water I am glad that Quaker came up with this variety. It can really help satisfy my chocolate cravings when it’s almost that time of the month.
Lunch: egg sandwich, water I still want to have egg as part of my meal. This is a crazy month.
Midafternoon Snack: Noodles Soup (Ramen) I wanted something warm in my tummy because I felt like throwing up. I felt so stressed when the water in my surrounding started to rise! Thank God it subsided after a while.
Dinner: 2 slices pizza, four seasons juice I managed to avoid rice, but still I loaded up on carbs through the other source – bread.

I have always noticed that when I am stressed, it is more difficult to avoid carbs. It’s like my comfort food. Although I did well on the first half of the day, I indulged on the remaining part of the day. Nevertheless, I will still take this challenge one meal at a time. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully I can do better.

One Meal At A Time


My Thoughts

Breakfast: strawberry flavored oatmeal, water I have gotten bored with oatmeal but I forced myself to eat it. I know I won’t be able to see any results if I don’t make little sacrifices.
Lunch: ½ cup rice, buttered shrimps, eggplant with egg This was a light meal as compared to having meat.
Midafternoon Snack: Iced coffee, bread I felt so sleepy and I couldn’t stop myself from having coffee.
Dinner: Egg with amplaya, pork steak Hooray! I skipped having rice for this meal. I haven’t been able to avoid it for the past weeks. At least this small step is going to keep me going.

Today, I challenged myself to take it one meal at a time. So far, it has helped me address my rice issues. I just hope that this will be for the long-term. Although there are a couple of flaws with my diet today, I am still hopeful that I can fully adjust to my new eating habits.

My Game Plan In Addressing Fatigue Due To PCOS

For the last couple of days, I have been literally dragging myself out of bed. When I first had this more than a week ago, I thought that it would just pass. But since it has persisted, it has come to the point when my day would just go by unproductively. I have so much to do but my energy level is at its all time low.

With two storms forecasted to enter the country in a couple of hours or days, I can’t go and see my doctor yet. I am also unsure whether the roads leading to her clinic are passable. Since I won’t be able to see her until next week, I will do my share as to how I can address this issue. So starting tomorrow, I am going to:

1.    Start exercising again. Since I could not rely on the weather here for sunny days, I need to start using my exercise videos once again. I know that exercise will definitely increase my energy level, and I seriously need to have an exercise routine at home because I can’t walk or jog when the weather is so uncooperative.

2.    Eat healthier. I know that this has been the biggest issue that I haven’t been able to tackle, but I will keep on conditioning my mind so that I can eventually have healthier eating habits. Lately I have gotten back to drinking caffeine just to wake me up but it hasn’t done me any good. I guess a quick caffeine fix is not the answer to my fatigue issues. I will also stay away from sugary stuff so that my body won’t crash. The very least that I need right now is for my glucose levels to fluctuate. It will just make matters so much worse.

3.    Set aside more time for myself. I have always been busy taking care of each member of my family and in the process, I have forgotten myself. I have vowed to give myself more ME time so that I can slowly address my issues. I really need to give myself needed attention because this has gotten way out of hand.

4.    Manage stress. I must admit that I have been so stressed lately. After typhoon Ondoy left, we are again faced with the possibility of being hit by another storm. Since I have already addressed disaster preparedness issues at home, I will try to keep these anxiety-provoking thoughts to a minimum.

5.    Religiously keep my doctor appointments. I haven’t visited her since I got busy with my exam. I will never be better if I don’t see her regularly. I just hope that the wait won’t be as long as my previous visit. Sigh!

I have thought all along that my symptoms couldn’t get any worse, but now it seems that it has. I’ve always had enough energy for my daily activities, but lately all I wanted to do was stay in bed. So, here’s hoping to a better tomorrow!

Small Steps


My Thoughts

Breakfast: 2 pcs egg, water I managed to avoid rice for this meal. I’m taking it one step at a time.
Lunch: ½ cup rice, pochero I’m working on having only half a cup of rice for my meals. Hopefully I can wean myself from having it after some time.
Midafternoon Snack: Egg sandwich, water I don’t know what’s with eggs lately but I just want to have it every now and then. I guess its part of my premenstrual cravings. LOL!
Dinner: ½ cup rice, kare-kare, tuyo I think that the taste of kare-kare made me sick today. It’s weird but I feel like throwing up.

Today and in the coming days, I am concentrating on taking small steps with my weight loss approach. I’ve realized that I have gotten nowhere with my previous attempts because I was so ambitious and I easily lost motivation. One meal at a time…..

Can Chromium Picolinate Help Treat PCOS?

Since PCOS is a disorder that is not well understood, many women have taken it upon themselves to explore other treatment approaches in the hope of improving their symptoms. Over the years there have been researches done with regards to vitamin and even mineral supplementation as a way to at least improve the condition of PCOS women. Although these studies may have some limitations, the results are very promising.

Aside from Vitamin D, chromium picolinate has also been found to benefit insulin resistance in women with PCOS.  In women with insulin resistance, the body needs more than the normal amount of insulin in order to get a desired response. It is believed that the mineral encourages the formation of GTF or the glucose tolerance factor, which is a substance essential in making the body utilize insulin more efficiently.

With this possible treatment approach, it’s important to understand what chromium really is. The main action of chromium is that it can potentiate the action of insulin. As a supplement, it is available as chromium picolinate because the latter helps the body absorb chromium efficiently. And aside from enhancing insulin, there have been claims that it can promote weight loss, reduce body fat, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels among others.

While these may sound like an easy treatment to the many symptoms of PCOS, there are certain precautions that should strictly be observed. Just like any other treatment approach, you should first consult your doctor before taking the supplement. It is never safe to begin any supplementation without knowing the risks involved. And it is equally important to know of any possible drug to drug interaction and adverse effects especially when you have maintenance medications.

I have to go back to my doctor soon, and I am definitely going to bring this up. Hopefully when the weather is better, I can see her again. If you have taken this mineral for PCOS and you noticed results, please let me know.

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