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PCOS And The Yeast Connection

I have finally mustered the courage to begin writing about other embarrassing symptoms of PCOS. This year, I have noticed that right before my period, I’d get really itchy down there. Although my period is irregular, the “itch” would routinely come just before I have my precious period. When it first happened, I thought that I had an allergic reaction to a feminine wash, but after my consultation I found out that it was a yeast infection.

My OB asked me to take a Funzela (Fluconazole) tablet along with two tablets of Flagyl (Metronidadole). After days of suffering from the severe itch and burning, I was relieved to find out that it can be treated with these two medications. However, it was just the beginning of my new journey with another symptom that is related to IR or insulin resistance.

I realized that I began to have recurrent yeast infections just late last year. It came just about the time when my PCOS symptoms seemed to worsen. This association may not be directly linked with PCOS, but it can be explained with the existence of insulin resistance, which happens to be common among PCOS women. This is a result of high blood sugar levels because the microorganism that causes yeast infections thrives in the presence of glucose.

Through PCOS forums, I learned that many of these women had yeast infections when they weren’t careful with their diet. When they tried to avoid simple carbohydrate foods and foods with refined sugar, their yeast infections didn’t occur as often. I have observed the same thing with my bouts with yeast infections. When I indulge with my premenstrual cravings, I tend to have a worse episode of yeast infection. It’s really exasperating considering that I don’t intend to take the medication every month.

Since I have been quite careful with my diet, I noticed that it’s not as bothersome anymore. Now, I can just ignore it because it’s rather mild. And although this is just a small progress with regards to my overall PCOS condition, it is a welcome step towards my quest for better health. And with that, I have also exerted an effort in preventing its recurrence.

I am regularly taking probiotics because it can help maintain good levels of good bacteria necessary to fight off certain infections. I have also given up orange juice in place of cranberry juice. And I am also avoiding hygiene products that can alter normal vaginal pH. Through these measures, I am hoping that I can at least help prevent this bothersome infection.

If you have frequent yeast infections due to PCOS, I would love to hear how you deal with these. Being a survivor of all things PCOS, I happen to know how it feels to deal with one symptom after the other.

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